The President of the High Authority speaks at the OECD Global Anticorruption & Integrity Forum

The President of the High Authority Didier Migaud intervened on March 30th by videoconference at the 2022 Global Anticorruption and Integrity Forum, during the session entitled « Strengthening Political Integrity ». The President shared his experience in raising awareness and applying integrity standards for public officials in France.

Every panelists stressed the need to adopt legislative instruments both at national and European level in order to support Member States in respecting the rule of law.

President Migaud answered several questions, which gave him the opportunity to present the various missions of the High Authority in disseminating a culture of integrity, as well as the successive extension of its competences since its creation.

The discussions focused in particular on the role of integrity systems in restoring trust in democracies, the main challenges in ensuring adherence to integrity standards by political leaders in France, the means to overcome these challenges, as well as the balance between the control and the independence of parliament. Didier Migaud underlined the importance of the independence of integrity authorities, and of adequate investigative and sanctioning powers.

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