The High Authority receives the National Agency on Corruption Prevention of Ukraine

On November 15th, the President of the High Authority, Didier Migaud, received the director of the National Agency on Corruption Prevention of Ukraine (NACP), Mr. Oleksandr Novikov. The Deputy Head of the Agency, Mr. Andrii Vyshnevskyi, and the First Secretary for Economic Affairs of the Embassy of Ukraine in France, Mr. Yevhenii Kartavyi, also took part in the meeting.

The Ukrainian authority insisted on the importance of the fight against corruption in the context of the war, as well as the country’s candidacy for European Union membership. Mr. Novikov mentioned the various anti-corruption bodies existing in the country and the need to cooperate with similar European authorities.

Discussions focused on the French lobbying regulation, while a draft law on the subject is still pending in the Ukrainian Parliament.  The exchanges also revolved around the constitutional decisions which have clarified the conduct of the missions of the two authorities when it comes to reporting obligations of public officials and publication of their declarations of interests and assets.

The two authorities also discussed parliamentary ethics and the adoption of codes of conduct within assemblies. Eventually, Didier Migaud presented the controls carried out by the High Authority on public officials’ career transitions between the public and private sectors.

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