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The High Authority pursues its cooperation with the General Inspectorate of the Government of Vietnam

On June 28, the President of the High Authority, Didier Migaud, received representatives of the General Inspectorate of the Government of Vietnam (GIV) on a study visit to Paris. The delegation wanted to deepen the exchanges started in 2019.

The GIV is a government agency responsible for inspecting public administrations, handling complaints and reports from citizens in the fight against corruption, working in close cooperation with the High Authority. Following exchanges between the two institutions, the GIV had adopted a decree relating to the control of the income and assets of public officials which is encountering difficulties in its implementation.

In Vietnam, the majority of transactions are carried out in cash, which makes the detection of false declarations complex. Hence, Mr. Doan Hong Phong, government inspector appointed in 2021, wanted to discuss with the High Authority the control of the sincerity and completeness of declarations of assets and interests in France, access to the databases of the tax administration and existing criminal sanctions.

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