The High Authority pursues discussions with foreign countries

On October 19th, the High Authority participated in the online training seminar « Ethics and prevention of corruption in the public service », provided by French National Administration School (ENA) to the Government Inspectorate of Vietnam. Tim Caron, international relations officer, presented the missions of the High Authority, including the procedures for controlling public officials’ ethics.

On November 12th, the High Authority welcomed a delegation of mayors of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This meeting took place within the framework of the Future Leaders Invitation Programme (PIPA) of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs. The Mayor of Sarajevo, Benjamina Karić, the Mayor of Mostar, Mario Kordić and the Mayor of Bijeljina, Ljubiša Petrović, were received by the Deputy Secretary General of the High Authority, Sébastien Ellie, the Legal Director, Baptiste Henry, and Tim Caron, international relations officer. The Bosnian delegation asked questions on the means of investigation and the independence of the High Authority, its cooperation with the judiciary and its role in regulating lobbying.

On November 19th, the High Authority received a delegation from Uzbekistan, composed of members of the national anti-corruption agency, including its director, Akmal Eshondedaevich. In the context of reform of the public officials’ assets declaration system in Uzbekistan, the deputy secretary general of the High Authority, Michel Smaniotto, introduced the exchange. Marie Lintzer, head of international partnerships, then detailed the missions of the High Authority and answered questions from the anti-corruption agency. The procedures, the scope and means of control of the High Authority were discussed as the number of public officials in the Uzbek authority’s scope is set to increase.

The High Authority is delighted to share its model with other countries.



On the picture, left to right : Michel Smaniotto deputy secretary general of the High Authority, Marie Lintzer head of international partnerships, Akmal Eshondedaevitch director of the national anti-corruption agency and Umida Abdilovna Tukhtasheva the deputy director.


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