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The High Authority presents its missions to the students of the College of Europe in Bruges

On January 12th, 2021, as part of a collaboration with the Transparency student group of the College of Europe, the High Authority presented its missions during a webinar. The High Authority explained its role in controlling the assets of public officials, preventing conflicts of interest, regulating the revolving door phenomenon and representation of interests, and promoting a culture of public integrity at large.

Most of the students will work for the national or European civil service or as interest representatives. They asked questions about the margins of improvement of the French model, the role of the High Authority in promoting trust in public life, and on its links with European bodies such as the Ombudsman or the EU transparency register. The webinar provided an opportunity to discuss the future aspects of the independent ethics body common to the institutions of the European Union, currently discussed in Brussels.

Founded in 1949, the College of Europe is a higher education institution located in Bruges and Natolin. The College provides specialised master degrees in European affairs. Each year, the students come from around fifty different countries.

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