The High Authority participated in two conferences organized by Transparency International

On the occasion of the publication of Transparency International EU’s report, « Debugging Democracy: Open Data for Political Integrity in Europe« , the High Authority spoke at a panel on November 26.

The report compares several European countries with regard to their system of public officials’ declarations of interests and assets, the funding of political parties and the lobbying regulation. The presentation of the report initiated a discussion on areas for improvement in data access.

Marie Lintzer, Head of international partnerships, then spoke with German MEP Daniel Freund, rapporteur on the project for an independent European ethics body, and Susanna Ferro, communications officer at Transparency International Italy, under the moderation of Helen Turek, regional manager of the Open Government Partnership. She presented the missions of the High Authority, its cooperation actions with civil society and international organizations, and its role in monitoring the ethics of public officials.

The High Authority also organized and participated in an online panel on lobbying regulation on December 4 at the 19th Transparency International Anti-Corruption Conference.

The panel was moderated by Helen Turek, and included Julio Bacio Terracino, Acting Head of the Public Sector Integrity Division of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Vitor Texeira, Policy Analyst at Transparency International EU, and Sherry Perreault, Director of ethics and lobbying regulation at the Irish Standards in Public Office Commission. The High Authority was represented by the Head of international partnerships.

The panel addressed the need to regulate lobbying, the advances and challenges observed in certain countries such as France and Ireland, and the consequences of the sanitary crisis on lobbying activities around the world.

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