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The High Authority participated in the Senior Public Integrity Officals Working Party of the OECD

In the framework of the Public Governance Committee activities at the OECD, the High Authority for transparency in public life takes part in the meeting of the « Senior Public Integrity Officials » (SPIO) Working Party. This group of representatives from observers and members of the OECD, which gathers twice a year, aims at promoting implementation of policies fostering integrity, notably thanks to experience and best practice sharing. These meetings notably supports works of the international organization to provide the different countries with tools aimed at strengthening integrity systems, following to the adoption, in January 2017, of the OECD Recommendation of the Council on public integrity.

Therefore, in the framework of the Integrity Week at the OECD from 18 to 22 March and on the eve of the OECD Global anticorruption and integrity Framework, the High Authority took part, on 19 March, to this bi-annual meeting and was invited to present its action in the field of lobbying regulation in France, alongside the representatives of the United Kingdom consultant lobbyists registrar and Czech authorities that aim at regulating lobbying after three unsuccessful past attempts. Emilie Cazenave, International partnerships coordinator, presented the French scheme, its implementation since 2017, as well as its results and limits after two years of implementation. Questions addressed to her also allowed to cover the interest of citizens and civil society for such scheme, the differences between the British and French regulations of lobbying, or the regulation of revolving doors in France.

Beyond these aspects related to lobbying regulation and that will be the object of a rapport currently being drafted by the secretariat of the working party, the meeting was an occasion to discuss the creation of indicators to measure the implementation of the Recommendation of the Council on public integrity.  The High Authority is also involved in the task force working on the definition of these indicators. The idea is not to create new ranking instruments but to constitute a scale of measurement useful for States and their self-evaluation with regard to each principle. The exchanges were also the occasion to validate a certain number of orientations in order for the task force to and the secretariat to start working on their more concrete development in the upcoming months

The meeting of the SPIO in November 2019 will be the occasion to present the first indicators related to the implementation of some of the 13 principles that compose the recommendation.

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