The High Authority participated in a seminar on asset declarations in Vietnam

On 30 and 31 August, the High Authority participated in a seminar on asset declarations organized by the Justice-Law Division of the French Embassy in Hanoi.

Considering that the 2005 anti-corruption law has not fulfilled its objectives, especially with regard to asset declarations, the Vietnamese authorities are currently drafting new provisions of the anti-corruption law on asset declarations. This law is expected to be adopted by the National Assembly at the October session, following two debates in May.

This seminar brought together around twenty participants: officials of the Inspectorate, as well as representatives of the National Assembly’s Law Committee, of the Ministry of Justice, of the Office of the Prime Minister, of the Party Control Commission, of the CPV’s Central Executive Office, of the People’s Prosecution Office, of the People’s Supreme Court, and of the General Inspectorate of Hanoi.

Ms. Lisa Le Meur, Coordinator of the Detection branch, represented the High Authority, alongside members of the French Embassy. Ms. Le Meur presented the High Authority’s action and the results obtained in the verification of declarations of assets and interests. She focused on the extending scope of declarants, the identification of the latter, the organization and practical methods for implementing checks, and on the possible outcomes of the verification process. Besides, her presentation addressed the development of computer software, which has become a guarantee of the effectiveness of controls. Finally, the issue of publication, which constitutes a strong citizen demand, was also mentioned.

Presentation were followed by discussions with the audience. In particular, discussions dealt with the necessary conditions and constraints for ensuring the success of controls, on both the preventive and the repressive aspects.

On the sidelines of this seminar, Ms. Le Meur met the Law Committee of the National Assembly and the Central Commission of Internal Affairs of the Communist Party. The Inspectorate, the Law Committee and the Central Commission of Internal Affairs are part of the Anti-corruption Committee, chaired by the Secretary General of the Vietnamese Communist Party since 2013.

Their bill attempts to provide answers to the issues raised by the 2005 law. These issues were at the center of questions asked by the Vietnamese institutions to the French expert.

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