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The High Authority exchanges with representatives from Kosovo and Equatorial Guinea

The High Authority’s deputy secretary general, Michel Smaniotto, received a delegation from the Kosovo Anti-Corruption Agency on July 6, 2022. Led by the director of the agency, Yll Buleshkaj, the delegation included the directors of the departments of prevention and fight against corruption. The High Authority presented its missions of detecting illicit enrichment, preventing conflicts of interest, promoting integrity, controlling mobility between the public and private sectors and regulating lobbying. The two authorities exchanged views on their respective missions and organization, particularly regarding the verification of declarations of assets and interests of public officials in France and in Kosovo. Participants also discussed the content of the information that must be declared and the resources available to the authorities to carry out their missions, while a draft law is currently being studied to reform the Kosovo Anti-Corruption Agency.

On July 8, 2022, the High Authority received Ms. Mari Cruz Engonga Obono, magistrate at the Labour Court of Equatorial Guinea and representative member of the judicial sector of the National Financial Investigation Agency. Ms. Engonga Obono was received in France within the framework of the Future Leaders Invitation Programme (PIPA) of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs. As Equatorial Guinea does not have an authority in charge of the integrity of public officials, discussions focused on the functioning of the High Authority and its means to prevent conflicts of interest and corruption.


Illustration : Delegation from the Kosovo Anti-Corruption Agency, led by its director Yll Buleshkaj (photo credit Tim Caron)

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