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The High Authority continues its bilateral cooperation actions with Belgium, Brazil, Japan and the Republic of Congo

In March, the High Authority met with public officials and foreign counterparts in order to discuss best practices and promote French expertise internationally.

On March 20, 2023, the President of the High Authority, Didier Migaud, received the members of the Belgian Federal Ethics Commission chaired by Françoise Tulkens and Luc Willems. Created seven years ago, the Commission issues opinions on specific questions of ethics or conflicts of interest raised by public officials. It was on a study visit to Paris to meet the French actors in charge of applying the rules of ethics in the public sphere.

On March 9, the President of the High Authority, Didier Migaud, also received Minister Vinicius de Carvalho, Comptroller General of Brazil, in charge within the government of transparency, access to information and the integrity of public officials. The exchange focused on the promotion of public integrity, the challenges posed by the mistrust of citizens in their institutions, and the regulation of lobbying.

A few days before, the President received the President of the High Authority for the Fight against Corruption of the Republic of Congo, Emmanuel Ollita Ondogo, visiting France.

Finally, on March 23, the High Authority had a discussion with the civil service authority of Japan, which was particularly interested in the regulation of outside activities for civil servants. This meeting was part of a more general cooperation between the French General Directorate of Administration and the Civil Service and their Japanese counterpart.


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The High Authority received the members of the Belgian Federal Ethics Commission.

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