On June 3rd, the HATVP published its activity report for 2020. It is now available in English, along with a summary. 2020 was a record year for the institution, during which 17,000 declarations were received, the result of a busy political and electoral agenda, and a sign of sustained activity despite the health crisis.

In 2020, the HATVP controlled 1178 declarations of interests and 1279 declarations of assets. Following these checks, 10 files were sent to justice. It also carried out a new mission of monitoring the revolving-door movements between the public and private sectors. In almost 95% of cases, the HATVP issued a compatibility opinion authorizing the professional project, but in one case out of two, this opinion included measures to prevent a breach of criminal law (illegal taking of interests) or an ethical risk.

The number of entities registered in the public register of interest representatives (lobbyists) rose by 12% in 2020 compared to 2019, with 2,183 registrants. Four years after the establishment of this register, the HATVP recommends to strengthen it with more complete and reliable information on lobbying.

The HATVP made ten proposals that aim to make its action ever more effective, by strengthening its means of investigation and its powers of control, and to improve the legal framework relating to the public register of lobbyists.

On the international front, 2020 was also a busy year. The HATVP hosted 10 delegations online, contributed to seven international conferences, published two studies (on lobbying regulations and on open data for political integrity), handed over the Presidency of the Network for Integrity and took over the Secretariat of the European Lobbying Registrars’ Network. The HATVP also shared best practices with national governments and MEPs, in the context of the creation of an EU independent ethics body.

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