Fourth International Seminar of the Transparency Agency of Barcelona

On 10 and 11 October 2019, the High Authority participated in the fourth international seminar of the Transparency Agency of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, under the theme “the safeguards of effective integrity: public private relations”.

The different panels addressed the effectiveness of integrity policies in various contexts and highlighted the role of authorities and practical tools to implement those policies. Representatives from public institutions in Catalonia and Spain, and from international organizations like the European Commission and the United Nations, shared their experience.

Marie Lintzer, international partnerships manager, presented the High Authority’s missions in this field. She shared France’s mechanisms to prevent public officials’ conflicts of interest and challenges faced with the management of the lobbying registry.

Besides, Yves Charpenel, president of the Ethics Commission of the members of the Paris City Council, Marie-Françoise Lebon-Blanchard, central ethics officer of the City of Paris, and Issam El Abdouli, legal advisor to the Mayor of Paris, shared the ethical framework of the City of Paris and its recent innovations. Other ethical frameworks, including those of the City of Bogota and Barcelona, were presented.

Discussions drew attention to the common challenges facing authorities responsible for transparency and integrity in the public sector. They were able to share experiences and good practices in promoting compliance with ethical requirements.

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